There is often a lot of new, and sometimes uncomfortable and frightening, things to come to terms with when we are approaching the end of our lives. At this important time, people often find it difficult to find someone to talk to about it. It can help to be supported by people who understand the kind of things that may be important for you. 

Our experience is that having the right support in place can make dying at home, rather than hospital, more likely and usually easier. 


We offer one-to-one Support, for example ....

  • understanding about available resources and how to connect with them,

  • helping you understand the changes that happen when someone is dying,

  • discussing your wishes within your family,

  • putting your plans into action eg making memory boxes or photobooks, sorting out your paperwork or possessions.

Of course, we also offer SUPPORT to families, friends and neighbours. Indeed we encourage them to contact us too.