We are a Scottish charity, set up in 2017, based in a spectacular location by the historic Burghead harbour on the Moray Firth, Scotland. 

The charity was founded by Kate Clark, Madge Bray and Elizabeth Daly-Jones, with inspiration from Rosie Cooper and Toffee.

Kate is a community palliative nurse and previously a project manager and engineer. She changed profession to community nurse in order to help people die at home - after the transformative experience of caring for her Uncle at home.

Madge gained an international reputation in childhood trauma having co-founded an award winning organisation.

They met when Madge was attempting to coordinate care for Rosie, her beloved eccentric friend, and Rosie's dog Toffee. This was happening amid a lack of carers. Kate knocked on her door one day volunteering help. In that simple act of kindness this initiative was conceived.

In time, Kate shared her vision for end of life care where networks of co-ordinated and committed local people could support the dying process and where medicine was essential but not central to care. Madge happened to own a piece of harbourside land with planning permission for 6 flats which she could donate. Rosie, since deceased, became fully engaged in the prospect and excitedly contributed her experience which informed the vision. This deeply enriched and gave meaning to her last days.

Rosie's niece Elizabeth, who found Kate's approach transformative in her own grieving process in the loss of her dear Aunt, came on board.

"The Journey Home"  was born.

It now needs administrative help, local support and an office in order to start taking its first steps.