Comfort Care


Our experience is that there are many small ways to complement existing health and social care services which bring comfort to people who are ill or dying.

We believe that a holistic approach which takes spiritual and emotional factors into account, as well as practical and physical ones can make a big difference to the ease of someone's passing.  


We offer one-to-one assistance, for example ....

  • working out what matters to you for your comfort and safety,

  • finding equipment and practical resources you need,

  • access to experienced complementary therapists to provide comfort and suggest helpful ways your family and friends can comfort you,

  • supporting those close to you to provide comfort during your illness and in the last days of your life,

  • helping your carers to understand the physical and non-physical changes that occur close to death.

Of course, we also offer ASSISTANCE to families, friends and neighbours. Indeed we encourage them to contact us too.