Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone, in the final chapter of life, has the opportunity to live fully and in the manner of their own choosing until they say goodbye. We want to create a neighbourhood place where people are able to be true to themselves, remaining responsible and engaging as fully as life permits in their own passing. Simply put, our vision is that people will end their lives, wherever possible, in their own sweet way.

How we plan to achieve it

We aim to create a local network of helpers with varied skills - dog walkers, housekeepers, carers, will makers, network organisers, cooks - able to respond at short notice, either volunteering or receiving payment for their services. We will coordinate help, tailored for each person and their particular situation.

And here on the harbourside we will create a neighbourhood resource centre, a friendly place where people who are dying and their families and carers can find a listening ear, a practical guide, inspiring information, special equipment, time out from the fray, a lifeline moment of peace – or indeed whatever we can provide to ease the situation.

This will support people to die at home if they wish. And for those who do not want to or cannot die at home we will provide within Harbourside House home-from-home accommodation where people nearing death can share and enjoy the wonderful natural life of the harbour, simply by gazing on it from the pillow.

Within the safe haven of Harbourside House people can end their lives, surrounded by family, neighbours and friends, comforted by their own dog or cat if they so wish, and close their eyes for the last time looking out over the panorama of the sea.

Those with a little more time left to live can stay for a short break to have special time on their own, to be supported to 'get everything in order' in preparation for their death or for a supported, relaxing seaside break with their loved ones.

At Harbourside House there will be the”Above and Beyond “gallery/shop, selling artworks and other bespoke items specially designed to enrich and inspire the final chapter of life.

In this way we offer everyone a real opportunity to live until they say goodbye. True to themselves, remaining responsible, engaging as fully as life permits in their own dying and having it all happen, wherever possible, in their own sweet way.

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